Technical Advantage

Preserving Nature to Earn protocol

No sensors, lidar, satellite laser to create 3D digital twin

As a core technology (future IP), we are delving deep into the scalable applicability of satellite imagery, computer vision, and machine learning. Specifically, we are partially adopting forest analysis using Depth Estimation and generic object detection models, and actively developing these components.
Our strength lies in performing depth estimation using only image-based machine learning without sensors. This not only helps in cost reduction but also lowers the workload by bypassing the need for machine learning through point clouds, providing significant scalability.
As this model matures, it opens doors to advanced use cases beyond simple Digital MRV (Digital, Measurement, Reporting, Verification). It enables understanding deforestation and reforestation over time, conducting PoCs utilizing Web3 tokens, and engaging in research and development on more sophisticated models and niche object detection.