News / Updates

Carbontribe Labs has been selected for the Google for Startups program run by Google Inc.
2023.11 Carbontribe Labs wins the decarbonization prize , Excellence Award at the Ichi Biz Award sponsored by the Japanese Government Cabinet Secretariat.
2023.6 Carbontribe Labs is launching the beta version of ESGPT tailored for environmentally-focused companies. ESGPT represents an AI agent built on the cutting-edge Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) technology, specifically designed to support ESG compliance. By leveraging its contextual understanding of assigned roles, ESGPT effectively processes and summarizes information from various sources (URLs, PDFs etc.), enabling streamlined task management and execution.
2023.5 The detection rate of parameters for green carbon and blue carbon generation using Carbontribe Labs' dMRV has reached 99%.
2023.5 Carbontribe Labs has been certified as a member of the Solana ReFi community. https://solanarefi.com/​
2023.3 Carbontribe Labs has established a partnership with Google Earth Engine, a highly reliable satellite solution for corporate use. 2023.3 Kay Yano, Co-founder of Carbontribe Labs, has been appointed as a Fellow of ECOTA (European Carbon Offset Token Association).
2023.3 Carbontribe Labs exhibited at the Japanese Ministry of the Environment event, "Business Matching on Biodiversity."