Computer Vision dMRV + Tokenomics" to regenerate natural assets

Science backed digital twin
Our Sota Computer Vision AI model learns from satellite data, biodiversity data and predicts the capability of Co2 sequestration of the land by our digital twin.
✓Capturing satellite data
✓Analysing the capability of Co2 capturing of the land
✓Mint Eco Citizen Tokens for Landowners by the Co2 emission capability Carbontribe Computer Vision dMRV | Land coverage classification Prototype DEMO https://youtu.be/nXlY8wmKgXU
Reduce Co2 to earn Eco Citizen Tokens
Our Eco Citizen Token is minted according to the Co2 emission capability of the Landowner's land and forest. By promoting forest retention instead of deforestation, landowners can protect biodiversity and nature to earn revenue by tokens. Companies can also use the certificates issued by Carbontribe to offset their carbon emissions in order to achieve their ESG goals.
✓Prevent double registration of Voluntary Carbon
✓Traceable value for nature conservation
✓Contribute to carbon offsetting